Transforming the transport industry with AI based technologies


Reduce the fuel cost and CO2 emissions up to 8 %

The next generation of fuel reducing intelligent systems. Ecosense Trailer Assist, a self adjustable roof air deflector makes sure to optimize the wind resistance to minimum. A system developed for retrofit installation on existing and new trucks. Available for Volvo and Scania trucks.

A digital solution for profitable transport management

The transport management system Better Truckin’ transforms complex processes into smooth, efficient, and profitable workflows. Our digital platform provides freight forwarders and carriers with tools for transport insights in real-time, easy-to-use communication channels, and a more efficient administrative process.

We deliver solutions for all steps of the transportation process – from order management to invoicing. 

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A value-through-technology focused company

We accelerate the transformation of the transport industry from a sustainability, profitability and environmental perspective. This is achieved by having a great team.


We can make a difference because we are more agile than the established players and can create new ways to develop our products that shorten the time to market.

In tomorrow’s transport industry, it will be increasingly important to be able to create value from large amounts of data using advanced algorithms. By developing products that enable the haulers to save money on reduced fuel consumption, we contribute to the transition to a more sustainable transport industry.


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