Today, at the largest truck fair in the Nordic region Elmia Truck, the Swedish startup Rumblestrip shows for the first time its product Ecosense Trailer Assist, where artificial intelligence is used to reduce trucks’ fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by an average of 3%.

Rumblestrip won the Venture Cup East Prize for Top Tech 2017 and has since been fully involved in building its first product with funding from eg. The Swedish Energy Agency and Vinnova. By the end of 2019, the product will be available for retrofitting to existing trucks. Rumblestrip has signed a distribution agreement with KG Knutsson for distribution to workshops in the Nordic and Baltic countries. First off are models adapted for Volvo and Scania.

– Only in the Nordic and Baltic countries is the potential huge. Everyone is chasing fuel savings, either for cost or environmental reasons. We see an incredibly large sales potential with KG Knutsson as a distribution partner, ”says Rumblestrip’s CEO Milad Pouyanmehr. But even though it is a year before the product is on the market, hauliers will already be able to place pre-orders under Elmia Truck.

So-called roof air inverters today sit on an absolute majority of all trucks, which normally saves 4-12% in fuel. But just about every other truck that pulls a trailer has such an incorrectly tuned roof air inverter that the car draws 3% more fuel than if the roof air inverter had been properly adjusted.

– Every time a truck leaves a trailer and switches on a new one, the roof air inverter needs to be adjusted to fit the height of the new trailer. The height of trailers varies considerably, both in Sweden and in Europe. A savings of 3% is about SEK 20,000 in cost savings per truck and year for the average rider.

Rumblestrip was founded in 2016 by Gustav Kristiansson and Milad Pouyanmehr in a garage in Linköping. The company focuses on integrating intelligence into pre-existing components in trucks, with the aim of reducing fuel consumption or to extend the range in electric power. For more information, visit:

KG Knutsson AB has been the lubricant in the Swedish automotive industry since 1946. We are a company that believes in long-term relationships, so we work with strong brands and create businesses that benefit all parties. We have given our suppliers our distribution network while our customers have received the best brands, all wrapped up in our product knowledge and precise distribution. Our product and service range is the widest in the industry and at our e-commerce site our partners find more than half a million articles. In addition to Sweden, KGK is also located in Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. For more information, visit:




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