Wiréns Åkeri is a transport company that was founded as early as 1946. The company is located in Kristinehamn near Vänern in Sweden and transports components for Volvo Construction Equipment, as well as long distance transport for DHL. Wiréns have a big focus on environmentally adapted transports and works actively to reduce the environmental impact of its transport. As a result, they chose to try Ecosense Trailer Assist on one of their trucks, a Volvo FH Globetrotter with medium sized roof air deflector. 

In the original version, The Volvo roof air deflector is almost impossible to adjust on the roads. It would require two people who climb high, use tools to unscrew the braces, and then adjust the height of the heavy system simultaneously on both sides. In practice, such interventions are only done in the workshop.

With Wiréns driving trailers that are 4.5 meters high for Volvo CE and then switching to significantly lower trailers for DHL, the penalty for not adjusting the angle of the roof air deflector can be great. Ecosense Trailer Assist is perfect for such situations; at each trailer change, the roof air deflector optimally adjusts to the trailer you are driving with at the time. A maneuver that would have been both very time consuming and risky to try with the original system.

The first figures from the test show promising results. Adjusted for seasonal variations, fuel savings have been a little over 1 L / 100 km during the first few months. With a typical mileage of 180 000 kilometers per year, the savings will be about 25,000 SEK per year for the truck with Ecosense Trailer Assist. 

Kalle Ekeberg, vehicle manager at Wiréns, says: “It is fun to see that the system works well and that we save fuel. Every penny is important – if there are solutions to save fuel, you have to invest in it! Our drivers are curious and usually look out the window as the roof air deflector sets in during the trailer changes. Yesterday we installed Ecosense Trailer Assist on another truck and it will be interesting to see the savings there as well.”

For more information:

Milad Pouyanmehr, Rumblestrip, +46 76 760 74 03, milad@rumblestrip.tech

Kalle Ekeberg, Wiréns Åkeri, +46 550 387 93, kalle@wirensakeri.se