The real cost of roof-mounted extra lights

The simulation shows how extra lights increase the pressure in the critical area where they are mounted. This leads to reduced forward suction at the roof transition area, which results in increased fuel consumption Even though European trucks might seem fairly brick-shaped, the OEMs put vast resources towards streamlining the vehicles as much as possible. […]

Up to 2 L / 100 km fuel saving with Ecosense Trailer Assist for Trönninge Åkeri

For Trönninge Åkeri from Halmstad, it is extremely important to keep fuel consumption down as much as possible. It is not possible to charge more from the customers because the trucks uses more fuel. Every percentage of fuel that can be saved gives a direct effect on the financial result. When Mattias Creutz, owner of […]

Wiréns Åkeri saves 25,000 SEK per year with Ecosense Trailer Assist

Wiréns Åkeri is a transport company that was founded as early as 1946. The company is located in Kristinehamn near Vänern in Sweden and transports components for Volvo Construction Equipment, as well as long distance transport for DHL. Wiréns have a big focus on environmentally adapted transports and works actively to reduce the environmental impact […]

Three percent fuel savings for Wiklund Transport

Scania Next Generation lastbilar med Ecosense Trailer Assist under installation

Magnus Wiklund, owner of Wiklund Transport in Larsmo in Finland, has driven Scania trucks during many years. Since he ordered three New Generation Scania, he has made sure to tell his drivers to adjust the roof air deflector every time they are changing load carrier, in order to minimize the fuel consumption. Thanks to the […]

Bengts Åkeri reduced fuel consumption by 6%

When Bengts Åkeri in Örebro Sweden mounted Ecosense Trailer Assist on the roof air deflector on one of their semi trucks, fuel consumption decreased by as long as 6 percent. In addition to lower fuel cost, it also means lower carbon dioxide emissions. Doubled the savings automatically without the involvement of the driver. Ecosense Trailer […]

Almi Invest invests in Rumblestrip

Almi Invest invests in Rumblestrip which reduces emissions from heavy trucks. Almi Invest invests SEK 3 million in Rumblestrip, which develops products and services that reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by up to 8 % in heavy trucks. The newly emitted shares, worth a total of 5 million, are also invested in by the […]

Smart roof deflector will reduce CO2 emissions

Read the article from Energivärlden, a paper from the Swedish Energy Agency which funds the commercialisation of Ecosense Trailer Assist. In Swedish:  

Rumblestrip receives 5.6MSEK (€500K) in funding!

The Swedish Energy Agency today informed us that they have awarded us with 5.6MSEK in funding. The funds are to be used to finalize the commercialization of the Ecosense Trailer Assist which will be released on the market in Q3 2019. We are thrilled over the agency’s trust in us and our ability to reduce […]

NY office opened!

Today Rumblestrip inaugurated its office in the US. The office is part of the Cleantech hub located at the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce New York, at 900 3rd Avenue on Manhattan, close to Central Park. From here we will be carrying out our market analysis and execute our go-to-market tactics for the US. Are you […]

Startups cut trucks fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by 3%

Today, at the largest truck fair in the Nordic region Elmia Truck, the Swedish startup Rumblestrip shows for the first time its product Ecosense Trailer Assist, where artificial intelligence is used to reduce trucks’ fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by an average of 3%. Rumblestrip won the Venture Cup East Prize for Top Tech 2017 […]